Events & Activities

Hosting speakers

Many of the leading figures in the world consider Dubai Press Club an ideal platform to communicate with the community in the UAE and the Arab world. A group of media leaders and political figures have been involved in a series of seminars and workshops that dealt with some of the most important issues in the region.

Media visits

Dubai Press Club hosts scores of journalists under the umbrella of the Arab Media Forum. It additionally organises dedicated visits for international journalists to brief the non prominent facilities and institutions in the UAE. The media tours also serve to connect journalists with senior officials and leaders in the public and private sectors depending on the requirements of journalists and their specialty areas.

Social events

DPC invests in creating a network of professionals and like-minded individuals for the media in the UAE, the Arab region and the world at large. Towards this end, DPC organises events in an innovative and informal framework that adds a social and friendly dimension, and contributes to strengthening relationships.

Workshops and seminars

Dubai Press Club periodically organizes seminars and workshops that examine political and social reality, and business, education, information technology, media and culture sectors. The seminars are designed to draw the involvement of the press and the community to raise awareness and identify solutions through dialogue.

Ramadan Majilis

Dubai Press Club hosts influential figures from the government and private sectors during its Ramadan Majilis. A predominantly social event, the Ramadan Majilis aims to promote constructive dialogue and strengthen relations between leading journalists, writers, thinkers, leaders, officials and decision makers.

Co-operation and alliances

DPC enjoys special relations and strategic partnerships with a range of leading institutions and initiatives. DPC also works to strengthen cooperation with unions, media entities, embassies, and foreign and Arab consulateson the cultural, social and media level.

Volunteer programmes

Dubai Press Club is keen to involve media students in the organisation of the Arab Media Forum and Arab Journalism Awards and annually attracts the participation of over 60 Emirati volunteers. In addition to encouraging volunteerism and teamwork among the younger generation, the events offer students an opportunity to interact with the media and gain practical experience to hone their skills.