Projects & Initiatives

Arab Media Forum

Arab Media Forum...The First Media Umbrella in the Arab World

Arab Media Forum (AMF) was launched in 2001 as an annual flagship event of Dubai Press Club. In its successive editions, AMF attracted leading media experts from across the region and the world. Each year, the event hosts leading editors and directors of television and radio stations, columnists, academics, analysts, commentators, senior government officials, professors, academics, students, media and bloggers.

In addition to serving as a platform for the Arab media to engage in thought-provoking dialogue, the event opens channels for idea exchange between the Arab media and their counterparts around the world. With its prestigious stature, the Arab Media Forum is now a key platform that highlights the most critical issues of the Arab media. Hosted by Dubai, the regional media hub,it seeks to stimulate creativity and innovation, and raise awareness on the emirate’s culture and well-established social infrastructure.

Since its inception, the Arab Media Forum has developed in form and style to keep up with rapid developments in the media. Evolving at a steady pace to expand its scope from local to regional and international audience, the event draws on the expertise and competencies of the Arab diaspora, as well as foreign journalists, thought leaders, and decision makers in politics and economy.AMF has also paved the way for academics and researchers to participate in periodic dialogue with officials from media institutions.

Arab Journalism Award

The Arab Journalism Awards Reward Talent, Inspire Excellence and Motivate Creativity

The Arab Journalism Awards (AJA) was launched in 1999 as per the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The awards aim to develop the Arab press landscape and foster creativity among Arab journalists through honouring excellence and innovation.

Arab Journalism Awards additionally seek to promote the constructive role played by the media towards the society through recognising contributions of journalists in communicating the Arab perspective to the world.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum appointed Dubai Press Club as the Secretariat of the Award. In its role, DPC was mandated to establish the Awards and put in place a system that ensures its integrity, objectivity and comprehensiveness amidst the evolving dynamics of the Arab world.

In developing the award system Statute project, DPC assigned the executive management of the awards to an independent board.DPC is also associated with the Arab Journalists Union as part of its endeavour to emphasize the phenomenal reach of the Awards in the Arab region and engage Arab media persons with expertise, efficiency and repute.

The chairman of the AJA Board of Directors is a leading media person who influences decision-making, while the Board includes an elite group of Arab journalists, academics, intellectuals and professionals.

Keeping in pace with the dynamic shifts in the journalism sector, the Arab Journalism Awards has witnessed - and continues to witness- several review and development stages.

The categories of the Arab Journalism Awards include:

  • Best Columnist
  • Investigative Reporting
  • Young Talent Journalism
  • Cultural Criticism
  • Political Journalism
  • Economic Journalism
  • Specialized Journalism
  • Sports Journalism
  • Photo Journalism
  • Outstanding Cartoon Works
  • Best Press Interviews

Arab Media Outlook

The Arab Media Outlook is considered the most comprehensive and authentic source of data on the media sector in the Arab world. The report not only examines the main thrusts of the Arab media, but also explores the potential for future growth and offers a five-year outlook on the sector. The report draws its information through in-depth interviews with media owners, experts, journalists and influential stake holders from other sectors.