Arab Media Forum


In 2001, the Arab Media Forum (AMF) was launched as a flagship project of DPC to foster dialogue among Arab media professionals on subjects of topical relevance to the region.

Since its first edition, the annual event has successfully attracted outstanding media experts from across the region and the world. The AMF platform has also played a vital role in opening up channels of communication between Arab media professionals and their global peers.

Currently in its tenth year, the AMF is regarded worldwide as a much-awaited calendar event by high-caliber professionals including editors-in-chief, directors of TV and broadcasting channels, columnists, analysts and commentators, high-profile government officials, as well as academic professors and media students.

Having garnered global credibility and reputation, the AMF has become an ideal platform for initiating insightful debates on some of the most pressing Arab media issues. Its location in the city of Dubai reflects all of its energy, vitality, unshakable self-belief, openness to thought-provoking ideas, and generous hospitality.

Since its launch, the AMF has steadily evolved in scope and reach. Through keeping pace with rapid developments in the media, the event has consistently progressed from its local and regional focus to encompass a broader international outlook inviting the interest and participation of Arab professionals abroad as well as foreign journalists, political and economic decision makers and intellectuals. The platform of the AMF has also opened the way for academic and researchers to engage in an annual conversation with experts from leading media organizations.