In its second edition, the Emirati Media Forum (EMF) continues attracting attention to the currentlocal media issues within the vision of Dubai Press Club. Since its launch in 2013, EMF is aspired to provide an out-of-the-box dialogue platform that looks into Emirati media to monitor and highlight best opportunities that shall contribute in developing the scene. Additionally, the forum facilitates a fertile ground for young Emirati talents to come face to face with media professionals and elites.

Through the forum’s sessions and side events, DPC is trying to carry on an objective and acute analysis for UAE domestic media, taking in consideration its interaction with the regional and international media.

The expected development in the Emirati media scene added more burden on Dubai Press Club; which led the DPC to develop its tools to keep pace with the regional and global competition.
Despite the fact that EMF's first edition looked into the issue of emiratisation of media, and had succeeded in attracting attention and providing solutions to this topic, the second edition is adopting a new methodology that initiates from scientific fundamentals aiming to develop competencies and resources for UAE media and empower the media community to match the comprehensive developments taking place in the UAE.

EMF's second edition will demonstrate DPC’s determination to achieve the forum’s objectives, as the club drafted a comprehensive and diversified agenda that gives in-depth look into the present and future of the UAE media. The forum will also explore the opinions and expectations of young Emirati talents.