• What is Emirati Media Forum (EMF)?

    The Emirati Media Forum (EMF) is the latest initiative launched by the Dubai Press Club (DPC) and serves as an untraditional, dialogue platform, adopting a new vision for discussion and giving more room for participations. It also examines the media landscape in the United Arab Emirates, exploring the impact of regional and global context on local news and looking forward to opportunities to develop the media sector in the UAE. The forum also creates an environment that taps into and nurture young talents. Media elites, academics experts, researchers, students and entrepreneurs will be participating in the forum where educative and awareness programs and training sessions will be organized. It is hoped that the forum’s discussions be transformed into plans and programs that will reflect positively on the media environment. An exhibition gathering Emirati media organizers and media students participating in the forum will be running on the sideline of the Emirati Media Forum.

  • What are the main objectives of the Emirati Media Forum (EMF)?

    EMF’s main objectives are to:
    - Bridge the gap between education and labor market needs
    - Inform decision-makers (academia and work professional) about the young generations’ aspirations
    - Maintain direct contact with media students and explore and nurture promising talents
    - Urge officials and decision-makers of educational institutions to create opportunities for new media generations.

  • On what bases the themes to be discussed at the Emirati Media Forum (EMF) were chosen

    The EMF seeks broader discussion and dialogue input and exchange of ideas relevant to UAE media. In this regard, the Dubai Press Club (DPC) focuses, particularly, on issues of concern that affects the local, regional and international media landscape, trying to raise latest media issues so as to boost and accelerate the UAE media industry advancement. The first edition of Emirati Media Forum, thus, will tackle boosting Emiratisation in the Media Sector, in the light of declaring the year of 2013 as the “Year of Emiratisation”, an approach adopted by DPC to reflect its commitment to the Emiratisation drive of the UAE government.

  • How can the Emirati Media Forum (EMF) benefit media students?

    Media students are the primary target of the EMF. Registering at the forum, students will be enrolled as volunteers and given the opportunity to attend sessions and workshops. Registration will be through the website or by contacting DCP management directly. In addition, the forum will provide the opportunity for students to meet and communicate with media professional so as to tap into their pool of experience as well as give them a chance to showcase their creative projects and familiarize themselves with the training programs and employment opening available at the organizations participating in the event.

  • How can I participate in the Emirati Media Forum (EMF)?

    Students can participate in EMF by, first, a workshop, for which universities nominate students; second, by taking part in the exhibition, running on the sideline of the forum and highlighting the student’s creative ideas and projects; and finally by volunteering by contributing to the organization and events activities of the forum.

  • Is it possible to participate by submitting ideas and suggestions in the Emirati Media Forum (EMF)?

    Yes, you can participate with ideas and suggestions that serve the Forum. Your ideas matter to us. Kindly send your participations by e-mail to the Dubai Press Club to: dubaipressclub@dpc.org.ae

  • Will I get a certificate for attending the Emirati Media Forum (EMF)?

    Yes, certificate of participation will be given to speakers at the sessions and workshops of EMF, as well as to media organizations and media students participating in the exhibition accompanying the forum.

  • Is there any registration fees required to partake in the EMF?

    No, there are no fees charged.

  • How can register at the Emirati Media Forum (EMF)?

    You can register at EMF through visiting the official website of the Dubai Press Club (DCP) www.dpc.org.ae