The Dubai Press Privilege Membership Card offers members the opportunity to participate in training programmes, workshops, events and other major initiatives organised by the DPC throughout the year. Membership also entitles journalists exclusive access to the facilities and services of the International Association of Press Clubs (IAPC), which includes 23 press clubs worldwide.

The Privilege Membership enables visiting journalists to co-ordinate or conduct interviews with media spokespersons in the public and private sectors. DPC also authorises a staff member to coordinate with the authorities on the member’s behalf. The card entities members to avail discounted hotel room bookings.

The Dubai Press Club (DPC) offers membership to practicing journalists from the UAE and abroad, press photographers, media students and management staff of media organizations. DPC provides its members not only with instant access to world-class information resources at its spacious premises, but also the unique opportunity to become part of a vibrant community of creative media professionals from around the world. In addition to professional support, DPC also organizes a number of social events for its members, ranging from nature explorations to sporting events.

Membership Categories:

  • Journalist member: For UAE editorial and management staff of print and broadcast media.
  • Affiliate member: For freelance media and journalism professionals
  • Visiting member: Open to visiting media professionals from any part of the world.
  • Student member: For Journalism or Media students,
  • Honorary member: Grantable by the Dubai Press Club Management.