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November 22, 2023

Dubai’s Al Tadawi Healthcare Group signs agreement with Apollo Hospitals Group of India

Dubai’s Al Tadawi Healthcare Group today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Apollo Hospitals Group of India, one of the leading integrated healthcare groups in Asia, to enhance healthcare services for citizens and residents in the UAE. The agreement aims to facilitate the exchange of expertise and experiences in the health sector between the two organisations and promote medical tourism in Dubai.

The MoU agreement was signed at the Dubai Press Club, in the presence Marwan Haji Nasser, Chairman and Managing Director of Al Tadawi Healthcare Group, Dr. Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairperson of Apollo Hospitals and a number of officials and doctors.

The signing of the agreement reflects Dubai's emergence as a leading global healthcare and medical tourism destination. By leveraging the emirate's world-class infrastructure, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and highly skilled workforce, this collaboration is set to further enhance the standard of healthcare services in the region.

The MoU was signed by Dr. Ahmed Al Masri, Chief Medical Officer at Al Tadawi Healthcare Group and Dr. Dinesh Madhavan, President, Group Oncology and International, Apollo Hospitals. Under the agreement, both parties will collaborate to organise a programme of visits for specialised medical staff. The objective is to provide treatment services and conduct intricate surgeries for complex cases, including those arriving from overseas as part of Dubai's medical tourism programmes.

Furthermore, the agreement entails cooperation in the transfer of cases with incurable diseases across various specialties, with a particular focus on oncology. Notably, cancer patients will have the opportunity for treatment at Apollo Hospitals in India, renowned for hosting some of the world's top cancer treatment centres.

Marwan Haji Nasser said: “Al Tadawi Healthcare Group is dedicated to strengthening its partnerships with healthcare entities globally. This collaboration seeks to facilitate the exchange of expertise among medical professionals, introducing them to the latest treatments and precise surgeries across various medical specialties while adhering to the highest international standards.

“The agreement is designed to enhance healthcare services for both citizens and residents in the UAE, as well as attract international patients for medical tourism in Dubai. This collaborative effort emphasises providing the best healthcare services by leveraging the expertise of both organisations,” he said, adding that, guided by Dubai's leadership, the city has become a preferred destination for individuals seeking medical treatment from around the world.

Dr. Preetha Reddy expressed her pleasure in signing the agreement with Al Tadawi Healthcare Group, one of the largest medical groups in Dubai. She emphasised that this collaboration will significantly contribute to enhancing the health services provided by hospitals in both the UAE and India.

Under this agreement, Apollo Hospitals Group will collaborate with Al Tadawi Healthcare Group to share expertise and draw from the Group's experiences in the treatment of various medical areas, including cancer, colorectal surgeries, heart care, kidney diseases, neurosurgery, organ transplantation, spine surgeries and robotic surgery services.

Dr. Reddy highlighted the remarkable developments in Dubai's health sector, encompassing infrastructure, technology, medical facilities, advanced systems, smart solutions and a wealth of medical competencies. These capabilities have played a crucial role in strengthening Dubai's position on the global health arena, she said.

Al Tadawi Healthcare Group, founded by Marwan Haji Nasser provides a range of specialised services under one roof. It is also accredited by the Joint Commission International for its adherence to quality, technology and patient safety standards.

Apollo Hospitals Group has established itself as an integrated healthcare provider in the Asian region, specialising in medical consultations and comprehensive treatment. With over 10,000 beds in 73 hospitals, 370 primary care clinics, 1,500 diagnostic centres, 200 telemedicine units, and 15 academic and research institutions, Apollo Hospitals Group is dedicated to global services, clinical trials, epidemiological studies, stem cell research and genetics.

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